Distilleries And Alcoholic Beverages Production

What do you think when you hear distilllery? Gin, whiskey, beer, Vodka, and other hard drinks, which means the primary function of a distillery is to make these hard drinks. People love having the best drinks while having fun or even marking particular celebrations; the same people have different tastes when it comes to hard drinks, you might be loving whiskey, but another person can't compare beer to any other hard drink.

If you are a hard drink lover and you are interested in knowing how the whole process goes down, this article will give you every detail you need to know, especially for northern irish gins and whiskey. Here is what you need to know:

Extra information about northern irish gins

What is a distilllery?

A distillery is a place where fermented beverages undergo their distillation process; as mentioned earlier, these beverages include beer, whiskey, gin, vodka, and brandy. These are hard but different drinks which means they undergo different processes and several distillation phases. Therefore, you should expect to find different settings in a distillery meant to distill various types of hard beverages.

How is irish gin made?

Irish Gin is something new; most distilleries in Ireland mainly focused on producing irish whiskey, which later gave birth to the idea of producing Irish gin. Actually, most distilleries produced gin in the process of making a stop-gap to let their whiskey mature. Irish gin rose due to arioso factors such as distillers trying to develop something new in the liquor market in west Ireland where they distilled gin with dillisk, seaweed plenty in the region. Irish gin is produced using a particular type of yeast added to whey converting its milk sugar to alcohol. The output is later distilled with eighteen various botanicals together with pure natural spring Irish water.

How is Irish whiskey made?

Irish whiskey is different from average scotch because it is usually distilled three times. It is produced from pure malted barley, and its distillation is conducted in pot stills. Single malt whiskey is produced when the barley goes through a single distillery process. To be considered Irish whiskey, it should be produced from malted barley, mashed, fermented, and later distilled to 94.8% ABV, and left to mature in wooden casks for a period not less than three years in Ireland. It should not contain any additives except water and caramel coloring; also, it should smell and taste like whiskey. Its production process is no different from that of whiskey; it is only that it undergoes an additional distillation phase.

How is beer made?

Beer is made by extracting raw materials using water, then boiling and wrapping up by fermenting. In some countries, the process of making beer is usually defined by law, including the ingredients that should be used. However, based on the type of beer produced, the setups will always be different, but they meet the required standards to make the alcoholic drink beer.


Distilleries play a crucial role in the general production of alcoholic drinks. As mentioned earlier, based on the type of drinks to be produced, the setup of the process will always differ from the other. They are all alcohol, though with different components and production processes.